From the minute they are born they know fear. They learn to run and hide from human beings who relentlessly persecute them. Every day is a fight for survival. They are stoned, beaten and attacked by the vast majority of people who believe they are vermin.

The ones that are caught by the Dog Catchers are thrown into public shelters where there is little or no food. Disease is rife. Dogs die from starvation and disease or attacks by other dogs who are starving. Shelter staff regularly beat their legs as they stretch out desperate for contact – many have broken limbs.

Ares had his eye gouged out when he was only about 8 weeks old. He had paint sprayed into his eyeball and his jaw broken. He was found lying in the gutter by a wonderful lady who is one of a small minority of Romanians that actually love dogs and try to help them.

Blanca was attacked in the street when she was a tiny puppy by a man with an axe, she had blood pouring from her nose and mouth. She was captured by the Dog Catchers and put in a public shelter where she was seen shaking in a corner by the same lady who rescued Ares.Mia was in a public shelter where they stop feeding them when it gets cold so they die more quickly. She has a broken wrist.

Luna was asleep under a balcony, she had a tureen of scalding water thrown over her burning all the skin off her back, side and legs. Benji was beaten in the streets by the Dog Catchers when he was a tiny puppy and put in the public shelter. Simon was in a public shelter, he had his elbow broken in two places. Raffie was in a public shelter, he had his wrist broken and was beaten around the head which has resulted in vestibular disease.

Ares, Blanca, Mia, Luna, Benji, Simon and Raffie are the lucky ones. They were helped and are now safe for the rest of their lives at Lost Souls Sanctuary. Rescue groups in the UK, Europe and further afield make a concerted effort to help as many as possible by taking them out of the public shelters and finding adopters for them in other countries. However it is a drop in the ocean, there are thousands of dogs that need help.

Some dogs are taken out of the public shelters into private shelters run by dedicated people who try to find homes for them. The situation in Romania is never ending. Until a spay and neuter programme is put into operation it is impossible to reduce the dog population.

Whilst the government allocate money for such a scheme it never reaches its destination due to the corruption that exists. Meanwhile thousands of dogs suffer every day. Dogs will continue to be mutilated like Ares, Blanca, Benji, Mia, Simon, Raffie and Luna. We and other rescues will continue to try to save as many lives as we can and hope that one day the continued lobbying to governments and the EU will change the attitude of the Romanian people towards our companion animals.



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