"I have the saddest news. I went to Wootton Bassett today to search for a Romanian dog that has gone missing. When I came home all the dogs were excited to see me and dear old Heidi rushed up to me for a cuddle. Suddenly I saw blood gushing onto the floor - her leg was bleeding - she'd burst another vein. I quickly put a bandage on to stop the bleeding and rushed her into the vets. Jean Morris - one of our wonderful vets - said her veins were balooning and rupturing and there was nothing that could be done. I found another bulge on the top of her neck which was another vein about to break. Sadly I had to make the decision to let her go - there was no alternative. If a vein had ruptured in the middle of the night or when I wasn't there she would have bled to death which would have been terrible. She was a very old lady, about 14 years old. She had urinary incontinence, her back legs were getting very weak and she was stone deaf. None of those things mattered and we could help her with all of that but this was something that we couldn't help. I feel very sad and I shall miss my dear old lady and I know those that knew her will do as well. Erica, thank you so much for sponsoring her, you would have loved her. She had such a terrible life up until 5 years ago when I found her tied to a lamppost half way up a mountain, soaking wet, desperately thin and with fly strike on her bottom. The last 5 years have been the happiest of her life and I'm so glad she had that. It was very peaceful, she was talking to me as she always did and I was cuddling her and kissing her head and she was wagging her tail. She died peacefully in my arms tonight at 7.30pm. Rest in peace my beautiful girl. One day we will meet again"

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