It all started with a young Border Collie called Nikki. Nikki came over from Ireland in January 2006 having suffered terrible abuse. She was homed several times in the UK only to be returned due to her aggression towards human beings. She would have been put to sleep if Christine Davies who founded and runs CARA hadn't taken her in. She was with Chris for three months and then went onto Many Tears Rescue in Llanelli. Sylvia Van Atta who runs Many Tears described Nikki as a badly damaged and disturbed little collie.

In June 2006 I saw a photo of Nikki on the Many Tears website. I felt compelled to meet her and drove to Many Tears the following day. She was sitting by the gate of her kennel, I opened the door and she jumped up and gave me a collie hug. It was love at first sight for both of us. She came home with me.

She was frightened of everyone apart from me. She seemed to know that I was there to help her. We were inseparable, she crept inside my heart and threw away the key. Gradually she started to trust a few other people as her confidence grew and her trust in human beings was restored.

One year and one week after I adopted her, Nikki died from a perforated windpipe caused by the chains she had around her neck in Ireland. She was just two years old.

I was broken hearted and in such a bleak place I thought I would never come out of it. I made the decision to help other dogs like Nikki, lost souls that had nowhere to go.

The Sanctuary is Nikki’s legacy.

The dogs that are here for the rest of their lives are here due to Nikki and through them Nikki lives on. Never to be forgotten, always in my heart.

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