Storms Story

Storm came from a public "shelter" in Romania called Mihealesti. This place is notorious for the way it treats the dogs. They are badly abused, they are starved and the sick dogs are kept with healthy dogs. They often "cull" them to get the numbers down. 

Two ladies called Lisa saw Storm. One posted him asking for help for him. The other lady sponsored his transport to UK, after asking Anne if she could take him in. They saw from the pictures that were posted that Storm was being attacked by other dogs in the pen he was kept in, as the dogs fight for survival. He has old wounds to his legs and his tail, which have since grown. He had numerous bite marks on his body. 

When Storm arrived at the Sanctuary, his fur was matted, he was covered in fleas, was coughing up phlegm, had a temperature and was in obvious need of vet care. Anne brought him to the emergency vets, who examined him and then took some tests. He said that he had tested positive for Heartworm and pneumonia. He is a very lucky boy to have come to the Sanctuary when he did, as he would not have lasted much longer where he was. It turns out that he was in stage three of heartworm, which means that the worms had infested his heart and lungs. 
Storm is still under treatment for HW. He has had his initial treatment to kill off the baby worms. Tomorrow he will receive the second treatment. In January, he will start on the treatment to kill off the adult worms. This treatment is very dangerous. He will have to be confined to his crate for the duration of the treatment to stop the worms from doing any more damage to his heart and lungs. Anne is not going to give up on him. He is such a loving friendly boy.

Storms vet treatment has cost a lot. The initial vet bill for £1009.11 has been paid. The next two bills are a total of £1411 altogether. If anyone can help us with this, then please do so. We can't do this without help at the moment. 

Here are the bank & paypal details for those of you that would like to help us with Storms Bill: Bank: 21494430 Sort Code: 40 17 11 - PayPal: lostsoulssanc@aol.com

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