Lost Souls Sancturary provides a home for life for dogs who had no future. Dogs who through no fault of their own have had behavioural issues due to abuse, neglect or trauma. All of the dogs at Lost Souls are rehabilitated and given the time and space they need to be dog again.

More about us

We are currently at capacity

Sadly Lost Souls can take no more dogs on, there is a limit to how many can be helped, but the ones lucky enough to have found this sanctuary ned help and care for the rest of their lives. That takes funding. This site is to raise awareness of the work this sanctuary does and hopefully raise funds along the way. Without Lost Souls many of these dogs would have been put to sleep. Please support Lost Souls any way you can.

We can offer behavioural advice to help with a situation we are always happy to do so.

About volunteering

Most of the dogs come with a history, they are here in a safe environment away from the hustle and bustle of busy life for a reason - and because of this, as you can imagine, we aren’t able to have many volunteers to help with the dogs.

We have a group of volunteers that help with cleaning and everyday chores, which is a MASSIVE help, but actual one to one contact with the dogs has to be limited to certain people, for the welfare of the dog more than anything.